Building a DC Cinematic Universe. Part 1

So the Dark Knight has come and, um, risen to the challenge of capping off one of the greatest, if not the greatest, trilogies of all time. I’ll be honest, I was a little choked up about it after seeing it a second time. I guess it hit me that this was the last great effort for DC to have a superhero movie franchise, at least for a while. Sure, they have Man Of Steel coming out next year, but do you remember Superman Returns? Yeah.

Now that The Avengers have essentially conquered the universe, DC and Warner Brothers have taken notice. I think it’s safe to say that they are essentially embarrassed by the success Marvel is having year after year, and their failed attempts at franchise building (*cough, Green Lantern, *cough). And also since their biggest superhero franchise has ended with The Dark Knight Rises, they are looking to replicate the success of Marvel and try to bring their superhero team to the big screen in the next few years.

I wouldn’t say that was the best idea, especially before Man of Steel comes out and we know if it’s a success or not, but it’s good to know that they’re trying, right?

I’m sure that they head honchos at DC and Warner Bros have a plan in place to bring the Justice League to life, but even so, I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts on how to do it. Here they are:

Make Man of Steel the Iron Man of the DC Cinematic Universe.

What do I mean by that? I mean have Man of Steel be the first to establish the universe. Like Iron Man before it, have it be it’s own movie and then just have a quick after credits scene that references the bigger universe. You can even have the references before the end of the movie. Clark is a journalist, you can easily insert quick shots of headlines mentioning a guy that runs really fast, or a newly discovered island in which only women live in. Or better yet, have a shot of Tomar Re failing to save Krypton just as it explodes. The movie is done filming, but there’s still enough time to film these references, if they haven’t already. Plus, there’s already a rumor that Wonder Woman has a cameo in it.

Don’t copy Marvel’s model exactly.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that outright copying it would be a bad idea. Marvel and DC have been copying each other for decades in the comic books, doing it in the movies would just be a natural progression of that. However, DC has to somehow differentiate themselves from Marvel so it doesn’t look like a rip-off, even though it’s not really and Marvel did it first.

My suggestion is, instead of having a team-up movie first, they should do a Superman/Batman movie. I’m sure that that movie would do more than Avengers based on name recognition alone. A lot more people know who they are than they do The Avengers.

What DC is doing now instead is making a Justice League straight after Man Of Steel, which I think is a bad idea. Having a Superman/Batman movie, they have the chance to reintroduce their rebooted Batman into a cinematic universe and makes their series of movies different enough from Marvel that ordinary non-geeks can tell them apart.

After that they can set up the other individual movies, again after referencing them in the movie maybe, and finally culminating in Batman and Superman being joined by the rest of the League to face an even bigger threat than they did.

Make an Aquaman movie.

Hear me out, please.

I know what you’re gonna say, but I have a good excuse for making an Aquaman movie. First of all, who would’ve thought five years ago that we would get an awesome Iron Man? or a Thor movie? You see what I’m getting at? Regular folks didn’t know who Iron Man or Thor were before their respective movies came out, and see how well they did?

What makes an Aquaman movie different from Iron Man is the fact that everyone knows who Aquaman is. And Everyone makes fun of him. What better way to make him respectable and a cool character than making him a movie? They should take a hint from the current run by Geoff Johns and make Aquaman a badass.

If the general audience can buy Aquaman, they’ll buy anything.

Hire Gail Simone to write Wonder Woman.

It’s a weird world we live in when we can have a Jonah Hex movie and not a Wonder Woman movie. She is the third most recognizable hero in the DC Universe and the most recognizable female hero. Why haven’t we had a WW movie yet? Who knows. My guess is that the people writing her for movies don’t really get the character, and/or are guys. That and a lot of people writing movies are just pens-for-hire that don’t know that much about comics. That’s not always the case, but if you’re gonna write a comic book movie, at least show some love for the material.

Why not just get Gail Simone to write her? Is Hollywood really that sexist that they can’t hire a woman to write a movie about a woman? Gail Simone is one of the best writers in comics around, and wrote the excellent Wonder Woman animated movie. Plus, she loves comics, so she will definitely try to write something that doesn’t anger her as a fan of the material, like so many other writers.

Just hire her and be done with it.

Get Paul Dini to write Batman.

Again, another writer suggestion. This time, it’s Paul Dini, who wrote some of the best Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Justice League episodes and also wrote what is considered by many to be the best Batman movie ever, Mask of the Phantasm, and the two Arkham games. This guy gets Batman, and he also gets how he can fit with the rest of the DC Universe.

Nolan’s Batman, while awesome, could not fit in with the rest of the DC Universe. Dini can write a Batman in a more fantastical world and still make sense, and that’s exactly what we need for DC’s movie Universe.

Bring in the whole Green Lantern Corps.

One of the problems I had with the Green Lantern movie, is the limited screen time given to the Green Lantern Corps. I don’t know about you, but the Corps is the most appealing aspect of the Green Lantern Mythos. My favorite Lantern isn’t even human, and I’m guessing that’s the same for a lot of people.

I didn’t think that Ryan Reynolds did a horrible job, so bring him back, but also bring with him the likes of Kilowog, Isamot Kol, Sodam Yat and the rest. And might as well introduce the rest of the human Lanterns. You can make them establish the space aspect of the DC Universe and set up a threat too big even for the Corps to handle, and that’s where the Justice League comes in.

And while you’re at it, bring in the whole Emotional Spectrum and have ourselves a Blackest Night.

Those are my suggestions for a DC Cinematic Universe. Next time, I’ll tell you my suggestions for the Justice League and then the stories they can tackle together.

Until next time.


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