Quick Thoughts: The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers)

I saw The Dark Knight Rises last weekend, along with showings for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and just had to say something about it. I realized I’m not too good at reviews, or just too lazy right now to do one, so I’m just going to do my quick thoughts on what I thought about the movie in lazy bullet points. I might do a review, but who listens to my reviews anyway?

Be warned, Spoilers ahead:

  • The Movie was good, but not as good as the other two, I thought. It had it’s moments but not enough Batman for me.
  • There are some scenes that are awesome, like when Batman returns at like the 30 minute mark to chase some of Bane’s mooks from Wall Street. That was an awesome scene.
  • Speaking of Bane, I thought he was handled ok. I didn’t really like his voice, it seemed more sweet or caring than it should’ve been. Maybe that was the point, but it felt weird. And sometimes you could tell that it was recorded after the fact because of how different it sounded mixed with the other voices, especially in the beginning prologue.
  • And the prologue was pretty good too. It involved an awesome aerial stunt that no one but Christopher Nolan would’ve tried to do practically. It looks awesome. If you see Cliffhanger, then you know how awesome an aerial stunt could look. I just wish it involved Batman.
  • I thought Catwoman was awesome too, way better than Bane. She really did feel like Catwoman to me, unlike Bane. Anne Hathaway did a really great job of actually playing Selina Kyle. I think she did a better job at being her than Christian Bale at being Bruce. She was pretty good.
  • That being said, they still didn’t hold a candle to Heath Ledger’s Joker. I don’t know what it is, but it’s always that character that makes every villain that comes after him seem uninteresting. Nolan made a good decision in having the responsibility of carrying the movie, villain wise, to more people instead of just one. Lessens the load of having to top the Joker.
  • Speaking of Bruce, this movie has a lot more with Batman out of costume than in costume. At most, we have like 30 minutes of Batman out of a 2 and a half hour movie. I guess that’s why Nolan decided to call the last two The Dark Knight, since it’s about much more than Batman.
  • Now, I knew that Marion Cotillard played Talia al-Ghul since I saw some spy pictures months ago, but for a while I totally forgot about it. Nolan threw us a curveball and “revealed” early on that Bane was Ra’s al-Ghul’s son. At first I was surprised he would do that, and then at the end, when it is really revealed that Miranda Tate is actually Talia, I was all giddy. I started to believe what Cotillard said a while back about not being Talia, but then, there she was, and I was jumping up and down with the revelation.
  • I thought that Batman’s new vehicle, The Bat, was only ok. The Batmobile, and even the Batpod were better used in the last two movies I thought.
  • It’s weird how some elements of Batman Begins, and really some throwaway lines in that movie as well, kinda line up with this movie. Nolan had said that he never planned a trilogy, but it’s hard to believe seeing the three movies played back to back. They really compliment each other really well.
  • My favorite scene would have to be when Catwoman does a Batman goodbye to Batman himself and then Batman says “So that’s what it feels like”. I thought it was hilarious and was laughing my ass off at that line.
  • All the fights with Batman and Bane were pretty good too. It really shows how Bane can utterly destroy Batman, and justifies his not killing him outright. In their first fight, Bane does the classic breaking of the Bat and it looked awesome.
  • I thought that reveal at the end of John Blake’s first name being Robin was kinda silly. It would’ve been better if they had just said his name was Richard, or last name Grayson or something. Him being named Robin was too on the nose. Hell, it would’ve been even more awesome if he had been named Terry. How’s that for fanservice?
  • I wish they had added more scenes with Ra’s al-Ghul instead of just being a Hallucination. I was hoping we would get a Lazarus Pit or something, but then it would diminish the realism or grittiness of this take of Batman, so I can live with it.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Robin taking up the mantle of Batman. I don’t want him to be Batman, I would rather have him become Nightwing instead, but I doubt that Warner Brothers and DC is going to let someone other than Nolan make a non-Wayne Batman movie.
  • And I thought that the Scarecrow’s cameo was pretty awesome too.
  • And lastly, were there both a reference to Green Arrow and Killer Croc? If so, then that’s awesome.

Final Thoughts:

I had a lot of different feelings concerning this movie. I actually have to see it again to really make up my mind about how awesome it really is. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but just how good, is still undecided. The best way I can deal with the chances being made regarding Robin and stuff is to consider this a really expensive, really good Elseworlds tale. It makes sense, seeing how different the world here is compared to the mainstream DCU. On that level, I can actually appreciate the trilogy better. And now it really makes me want to see the reboot. Not because of the usual reason to want to see one, but because it finishes the story in such a way that there really isn’t a way to bring this character back the way he was here. That, and I want to see how he meshes with the Justice League.

I know a lot of people are going to compare this movie to The Avengers, but let’s face it, that’s kind of a moot point. Both of them are good and MILES apart in terms of themes and tone. They’re apples and oranges. There’s just no way that you could call one of them better than the other, they are just that different. In my opinion, though, I think Avengers was the more enjoyable one while TDKR is the better one. I will probably watch Avengers a lot more times than TDKR, but when you put the whole Dark Knight trilogy together, they’re just that much better than the Marvel stuff. Maybe I’m just saying  that because I’m a huge Batman fan.

Also, after watching this last one, my opinion is still unchanged. The best Batman movie ever is still Mask of the Phantasm. There’s just no beating Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Sorry Mr. Nolan.


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One Response to “Quick Thoughts: The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers)”

  1. Nice review. I too liked the moment when Batman says “Now I know what it feels like”.

    Chris Bale was outstanding in this movie.

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