Review: Thor.

Spoiler Warning

Thor is probably the hardest superhero to adapt to the big screen, specially to an already established universe that for the most part is not that different from our own. The idea of introducing a character that is essentially a God into the same continuity as a multibillionaire with a nice weaponized suit is a very hard sell, especially after modern audiences expect a realistic take on their superheroes, no matter how outlandish they may be. The thing is, Kenneth Branagh pulled it off nicely.

The film starts with the scene from the trailer, where Thor lands on Earth. Then we cut to how he got there, with his time in Asgard, and then fighting in Jotunheim against the Frost Giants which is what gets him banished from Asgard. The movie then goes back and forth between the misadventures of Thor on Earth and the situation in Asgard now that Thor is no longer there and Odin falls into his Odinsleep, making Loki the interim ruler of Asgard.

The movie moved a little to quickly for me, I think. It all takes place within the span of a weekend and we don’t really see Thor in full God mode on Earth until the last act, which I think they should’ve done more of that. Also, they introduced the Warriors Three, but I thought they needed a lot more screen time than they had. They were funny, as they should be, but I kinda wish the movie was longer so that we could’ve seen them a lot more.

Probably the main thing that I hold against it is not a fault of the movie, but of the source material. The comic book is really liberal with the portrayal of old Norse mythology and kinda screw everything up. I’m not holding it against the movie, it’s just that someone who knows a little about Norse mythology may be too distracted by the inaccuracies to really enjoy the movie.

I really liked the performances here, Chris Hemsworth can really act alongside Anthony Hopkins, and they portrayed their roles of arrogant son and father beautifully. The real stand-out of the film was Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s adopted brother Loki, as he should be. Every hero is only as good as his villain, and Loki is probably one of the best villains in the Marvel Universe and Hiddleston nailed it.

One of the reasons that I go to watch Marvel movies, asides from being a fan of a particular character, is to try and spot all the references to either past work or, as is the case these days, other heroes in the same movie universe, and Thor was no different. I loved how they mentioned Donald Blake in there without making it feel weird or out of place. Maybe it did for people who didn’t know about it, but it kinda made sense. Also, there’s an extended cameo by Hawkeye, actually played by Jeremy Renner. That little scene was awesome, as it introduces the character right away and sets him up for The Avengers. And there’s also a mention there about the Hulk that was kinda subtle for mainstream moviegoers, but goddamn if I didn’t geek out a little bit.

As is typical with Marvel movies, there is an extra scene after the credits. Here, after the supposed death of Loki, we see the scientist played by Stellan Skarsgård being called by Nick Fury, played as always by Samuel L. Jackson. He shows him the Cosmic Cube and tells him that it is pure power. What he doesn’t know is that the scientist is being controlled by Loki. This short scene, I suspect, is what sets the reason for the Avengers, as they are called when no single hero can save the day from a threat, and there is no greater threat than Loki in possession of the Cosmic Cube. It also leads into Captain America, as the footage from last year’s Comic Con indicated that The Red Skull had found the Cosmic Cube back in the 40s.

All in all, I think this is probably Marvel Studios’s best film yet. It manages to introduce The Mighty Thor to the Marvel film universe and makes me want to see Captain America all that much more. Now I can’t wait for The Avengers. 2012 can’t come here soon enough.

One last thing: It’s a movie about a Norse god and there is not a single viking metal song in the whole thing? Talk about a missed opportunity.

I give Thor:

4 stars out of 5


~ by jimmyboots1 on April 29, 2011.

One Response to “Review: Thor.”

  1. From your review, I thought you were gonna give it a 6 out of 5 or something… only 4? Lol.

    For me the best movie from Marvel Studios is The Incredible Hulk, that was pretty awesome…

    And yea, I tried not to explode in my seat when Hawkeye appeared! 🙂

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